It’s probably no surprise that I love this as a tradition. Books and (dark) chocolate, what could be better. I hope this isn’t cultural appropriation, but I want to do it too. Being Jewish, our tradition on Christmas Eve is Chinese food (or sometimes sushi or Thai) and certain movies. I’m thinking to make the book exchange our New Year’s Eve tradition. Personally, I’m not into the party thing these days, so the idea exchanging books and spending the rest of the night cuddled up with a new-to-me book is pretty appealing. It could also include champagne and yummy nibbles. I also love this for families with kids that want to stay up for midnight. Imagine: everyone with a new book (and snacks), cuddled up together in the family room reading all night (or until you fall asleep), reading the old year out and the new year in. Or a variation: reading aloud to each other, acting out favorite books or scenes from books. Who wants to join me? Who can offer another variation or share a book oriented tradition?