Room to Write    


This beloved, best-selling, classic will not only keep you writing, you will discover more about yourself as a writer. Each page offers a subject to dive into and a choice of ways to explore the subject in writing.

Use Room to Write as a warm-up, to dismiss writer’s block, to journal, to flesh out character, setting, or plot as inspiration for essays, poems, etc.

An ideal writer’s companion. ~ Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

Beyond the Words

Beyond the Words         BUY THIS BOOK!

Writing is more than putting words on a page or completing a first draft. In the spaces between the lines, there are three wells of creative fulfillment to quench creative thirst.

Through essays, stories, and creative prompts, delve into Percolation, Revision, and Publication to guide you to your authentic Writing Self.

Bonni Goldberg helps readers cultivate a delicious balance between inspiration and revision, body and word, self and world. ~ Gayle Brandeis, author of Fruitflesh

The Spirit of Pregnancy


The Spirit of Pregnancy        BUY THE BOOK!


Pregnancy is an initiation, a rite of passage. When a baby is born, so is a mother. Don’t lose touch with the power of this 9 month journey that prepares you for motherhood.

Bringing together the combined wisdom of memoir, fiction and poetry of contemporary women writers. The Spirits of Pregnancy is the ideal gift for yourself or someone you know.


Gifts from the Heart


Gifts from the Heart: Meditations on Caring for Aging Parents       BUY THE BOOK!

Aging parents aren’t regressing to childhood. As their adult children, we’re not taking on the role of the parent. This notion of role reversal muddies a profound truth; as our parents move closer to their death, they have priceless gifts for us whether they know it or not. As long as we know it, we can find them and use them to become the next generation of elders capable of easing the way for ourselves, those that came before us, and after us.

“A wise, loving, useful, instructive, and humane book, unsentimental and yet full of heart.” ~ Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul